Discovering the nature of finance

Practice Knowledge


Systems and interfaces for electronic banking systems.


Private/Public Blockchain creation, smart-contracts, integration services.

Big Data

Relational and NoSQL solutions for data management.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence frameworks and neural networks for your business.

Internet Of Things

Development and production of devices for a connected-home experience.

Virtual Reality

Extending mobile and VR devices to make use of virtual reality frameworks.

Head Of Team

Mike Harrier

Chief Executive Officer
Michael Lunev (aka Mike Harrier) is a huge fan of new economic concepts and a seasoned expert in the field of blockchain technologies.

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Youri Paholkov

Chief Operating Officer
Youri is true fullstack team leader who is excited about web and network technologies and pretty experienced in both front-end interfaces and back-end services. He really loves programming and easily dives into the flow state.


Eugene Krasnoschekov

Business Development Director
Eugene is a business-oriented leader with many interpersonal skills he uses to inspire those around him. He has experience managing large and complex IT projects.



eCoinomy office, Shpalernaya st. 34, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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